“Plant nutrition, plant physiology and soil fertility”

Objectives : 

  • Identify the minerals needed by plants
  • Know how to identify appropriate forms of inputs for different crops and different places
Course content :

  • The mineral elements needed for plant nutrition
  • The mechanisms for acquiring minerals
  • The role of organic matter in soil fertility
  • Knowing the different forms of organic matter and how they are transformed
  • The mineralization of organic matter
  • Knowing how to choose from among different types of analysis
  • How to differentiate among forms of applications (mineral and organic fertilization)
  • Determining the most appropriate form of fertilizer for crop nutrition
  • The role and forms of localized fertilization
  • Management of livestock effluents
  • Nitrogen management
  • Residue management
  • “Liming”
For anyone wishing to acquire or deepen their knowledge of agronomy

Duration: 1 days (7 hours in class)

Dates and places: contact us

I took Sarah Singla’s training course on plant nutrition. It was dense and precise. She made complex topics easy to understand through slide shows that were varied and interesting. Sarah approaches the subject in a pragmatic way, which is important because we are first and foremost agricultural producers and it is results that matter! This training has stimulated my curiosity to learn more about plant nutrition and the potential of our soils.


Farmer from l’Eure-et-Loir

With solid knowledge from her profession as a no-till farmer, Sarah has a very pragmatic and masterful approach to the issues to be addressed or questions asked.
Lionel Mesnage

Agronomy advisor