“Making a successful transition to soil conservation agriculture”

Objectives : 

  • Acquire the fundamentals of soil conservation agriculture
  • Look at how it would work in your own operating system
Course content :

  • The components of soil fertility
  • The principles of soil conservation agriculture
  • Key steps in the establishment of direct seeding into cover crops
  • The mechanisms involved in soil compaction and how to manage them
  • The influence of soil and climate conditions on the cropping system
  • Choosing, setting up and adding value to cover crops (see the course on cover crops)
  • The different methods of weed control
  • The role and importance of rotations
  • Choosing a rotation adapted to your operating system
  • The role and forms of localized fertilization
  • Managing residues, livestock effluents and external inputs of organic matter
  • Utilizing these new skills to change your farming system
  • Analysing the impact of transitioning to soil conservation practices on your farm
For anyone wishing to acquire the basics of direct sowing into cover crops

Duration: 3 non-consecutive days (21 hours in class)

Dates and places: contact us

Sarah S.’s training courses on cover crops were an opportunity to ask myself the right questions and to always have, either answers or leads to follow. I appreciate her mastery of the subject and her honesty; if she does not know the answer she says so and either refers us to someone else or does some research and comes back to us later. I also appreciate that field work is often part of the training, allowing everyone to see concrete actions with which to compare and understand their successes or failures. Following Sarah’s training sessions, I started to grow cover crops on my farm.
Magalie PAEZ

Farmer from l’Eure-et-Loir

Very interesting and informative training. Sarah is very approachable and a good teacher, which is perfect for novices who want to get a good grounding before starting themselves.
Thierry LEZAT

Farmer from Haute-Garonne (31)

I followed 3 days of training in 2016.
Sarah is very professional. She willingly shares her knowledge and experience as a farmer in soil conservation agriculture. I also liked the follow-up after the training.
Jean-Pascal CONTE

Farmer from Charente -Maritime