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Sarah gave 2 presentations at our Soil Health Conference 2017 in Hungary. She delivered her insights on no-till systems and cover crop technologies with convincing examples and with a great sense of humour. As a farmer, her talks were full of real-life results from her own operation, which made her truly authentic in the eye of the fellow farmers.


Takarónövények szakértőtől (Hungary)

Sarah Singla is a crowd favorite!
She shares with the audience her personal experiences on her Farm using  No-till farming practices and cover crops.
Sarah has a strong stage presence and her passion and love of Agriculture is obvious.
Sarah provides an International perspective for today’s farmers participating in a Global market.

Blake Vince

Past Conference Chair , Innovative Farmers Association of Ontario

Sarah Singla came and spoke to our Groundswell no-till show and conference at Weston in the UK in June 2016. Around 550 farmers had come from all over the UK and Europe. Sarah held the audience with some very refreshing thoughts on her experiences with cover crops and no-till on her own farm, whilst at the same time taking a very balanced view of no-till farming, drawing on her experiences from around the world.
She has a very light touch, telling and was also very concise, making points very clear and easy to understand.

Paul Cherry

GroundswellAg, UK

We had the pleasure to be with Sarah for 4 days in November 2017 where she did training, gave proper answers to a lot of questions on no-till systems. We were very inspired to transform the knowledge from Sarah to the Danish conditions.

Niels Damsgaard Hansen

Organizer, The Danish Min Till Association (FRDK).

Sarah Singla


Farmer in Aveyron on a farm that has been practicing soil conservation agriculture since 1980


Agricultural graduate who is passionate about agronomy. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge, she is able to propose new ideas to develop agriculture

Founder of Hum’s

Created hum’s to support farmers both technically and economically, and to promote an agriculture that is dynamic, viable, social, and respectful of the environment